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Don's Journal
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Saturday, February 10th, 2007
2:09 pm
Eventful Times
Lots of snow twice in one week. It it very pretty to look at but not so good for travellers etc.I had a fall last week & Sheaj's husband took me to Arrowe Park where I had 4 stitches in my lip & a tetanus injection in another place I shall not mention. It's getting better but I can't smile (no change there then) All the snow is disappearing quickly so it's back to normal. I enjoyed my lunch at the church hall. It was so well organised as well as delicious & an interesting talk was given by Geoff Turner.
Sunday, January 21st, 2007
10:38 am
Another week
I have had quite a busy week. Went to Liverpool on Monday then to Heswall on Tuesday & met a colleague from my teaching days. She is 80 & still does voluntary work at Arrowe Park it makes me feel ashamed of my idle life. Bought a lot of fruit which is good for me so they say. I had coffee with a friend on Wednesday morning then made a quick trip to Birkenhead. Didn't venture out on Thursday, the day of the big blow. I had lunch with Vivienne on Friday. I went to have lunch with Gill on Saturday, but today DISASTER when I got up I can barely walk - so I'm hobbling around doimg very little - it's so frustrating
Sunday, January 7th, 2007
11:03 am
Well the festivities are over. The decorations are down and packed ready to stow away in the loft for another year. I enjoyed Christmas, good food good company and lovely presents.
I have been to the sales and found a couple of tops & anice pair of shoes, but I have to admit there is a lot of rubbish out there.
As a new yearesolution I must try to go to bed earlier as I don't seem to wake up I think it's these dark mornings well that's my excuse.
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
6:58 pm
Time passing
I met a woman in Chester who had stayed in Palmerston North so we swapped tales about N.Z. Iwent to Birkenhead and meet the Booths after doing some shopping I caught the bus home but saw a rather bizarre sight; a film crew were following a team of Coucil workers mowing grass!!! In Heswall bus station I meet a 91 year old woman who said she was feeling dizzy but she said she hadhad to rush to catch her bus quite amazing.
Sunday, November 12th, 2006
1:48 pm
I thought I would have a try at writing an entry. Today Istayed at home and caught up with some housework. I changed the sheets and did a pile of washing I hung it out to dry and it blew for an hour and ahalf before it started to drizzle.I watched the Service of Remembrance it was fine weather and the trees stillhad all their leaves. In the marchpast was a man of ninety walking sprightly along it made me feel quite ashamed when I moan about my little aches and pains.
Sunday, November 21st, 2004
3:02 pm
soggy Sunday
Some really mixed weather here- it poured down all day Thursday then we had our first frost of the winter on Friday. It has been a quiet week we went to Birkenhead to do some shopping. The shops are getting quite busy with Christmas fast approaching, it is a little more difficult to find a table in the cafe.
We had a visit from the dietician this week she recommended that Mr.D. had more fortified drinks as he is still loosing weight.
I went to see Marjorie she was feeling a little low this week but it has been
very dark and dreary most of the time. There was a pheasant in the garden which made a lot of noise I did suggest that it would make a good meal as I rather enjoy a pheasant roast but I couldn’t kill it to save my life.
I liked the sound of your Saturn link it appeared that you were part of the mission to the moons of Saturn which have been reported on the T.V.
I am going to send off some parcels this week then I can start to tidy up the little bedroom.
Sunday, November 14th, 2004
3:38 pm
Here we are again
Saturday was a glorious day so after lunch we went to Gordale. We were spoilt for choice with the variety of goods on sale but we did manage to buy a couple of items. We also met a former member of staff from Brackenwood and caught up on all their news.
It was very cold last night but this morning I have cut the grass and gathered up quite a few leaves. I’ve also defrosted the freezer so that I can buy in some food ready for Christmas. When I went to Asda with Andrew last Friday I thought Christmas had already arrived as people had their trolleys piled high and the car park was really full. Mr D went into the loft to get my Christmas box so that I can start writing the cards I know the Christmas stamps are now on sale.
We went to church last Sunday and enjoyed seeing all our friends but we watched the Remembrance service on the TV today. We also visited Heswall and Birkenhead but all in all we have had a quiet week.
Hope everyone enjoyed their time at camp and looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Sunday, November 7th, 2004
11:34 am
November days
Looking out of the window as I write this update it is dull and very wet(a heavy drizzle which has been falling all day); the lawn is covered with leaves fallen from the cherry tree. I suppose I will have to sweep them up when the weather improves. My hair was blown to bits on the way home from the hairdressers-I think the weatherman sends bad weather deliberately on Saturday mornings or so it seems to me.
Been quite busy this week, we went to Liverpool one day and Heswall another. On Tuesday afternoon we went to see Leah and John, it’s always a little strange when we go back to Bebington.
I managed to cut the grass and dig out lots of moss from the path on Wednesday and on Thursday morning I went to see Marjorie-she seemed a little better this week.
On Friday we did some shopping we were both pretty tired by then so we have taken it easy today. Last night the fireworks started about 5p.m. They were so loud we thought they were being set off in our garden it sounded as if World War Three had started ,fortunately they stopped about 10p.m. They were lucky it was fine last night.
Sunday, October 31st, 2004
2:17 pm
catching up
It’s been one of those nothing weeks- we had a visit to the hospital- it was a case of keep taking the medicine and see you again in six weeks. We also put in a repeat prescription at the doctors.
We went to the bank to pay a few bills and then on to Matalan where I bought some pot pourri and a jumper Mr.D. bought two books and guess what ? some pens .
On Thursday we did some shopping then I went to see Marjorie and after that I managed to cut the grass despite it being rather wet.
We had a visit from Gill who was off to Paris for half term-quite envied her. It has been so quiet here with no school and the roads are relatively empty at “rush hour”.
Friday we went to Birkenhead, but Mr.D. was not very well in the afternoon.
I saw Sheaj at the hairdressers this morning and after lunch we went and bought a plant and some daffodil bulbs (which I have now planted). We also had a chat with Betty Hinchliffe when she delivered the church magazine.
Friday, October 22nd, 2004
6:15 pm
Medical report
Many thanks for the prezzies received this week- the views are lovely and Mr.D. is enjoying his book.
The district nurse came and gave us our ‘flu’ jabs- he was very good and we didn’t feel a thing. Later that day Mr.D. had a visit from the podiatrist and benefits from having his feet seen to; on Saturday he had his hair cut so he almost(well almost) felt a new man.
We ordered a new video recorder and DVD player which were delivered on Thursday; all we have to do now is learn how to operate them shouldn’t be too difficult for two intelligent people(ha! ha!).
We made a foray to Liverpool on Monday-we enjoyed it but Mr.D. found it tiring
Andrew came and fixed the computer which had developed a minor glitch; and in the evening I went with Sheaj to Asda. We were both a little disappointed as many of the shelves were empty and they didn’t have any stock to fill the shelves.
The weather has turned really foul with endless rain and strong winds. We went to Birkenhead but they keep changing the bus route and it is difficult to know were to get off or on. We were dropped off in the bus station but coming home we had to catch the bus in Borough Road.
Hope you have sorted out your washing machine problem it is such a nuisance when anything goes wrong without warning.
Friday, October 15th, 2004
6:21 pm
Time passing
Enjoyed our chat with the folks in N.Z. on Sunday. We managed to get to Heswall on Monday. We had a coffee at Linghams, a trip to the bank and bought a few goodies at Aldis.
We had a very pleasant afternoon when Leah and John called round on Tuesday; we haven’t seen them for ages so we caught up with all their news.
Wednesday was fairly quiet but in the evening I went to Asda with Sheaj and Ben. Sheaj is feeling much better and Ben looked very smart in his school uniform.
Thursday Mr D. went to the hospital to see a specialist about his hand- he had a small operation there and then to stop his finger triggering(sounds as if he’s a gunslinger in a Western). He is feeling some discomfort but the after effects should soon wear off.
I have managed to cut the grass even though it was rather damp, it will soon be too cold to cut it. Today Friday Mr.D. had a visit from the podiatrist so he should feel better for that.
An item that might be of some interest to Matthew- Chester Zoo announced the birth of a baby elephant it hasn’t been given a name yet but it looked rather cute and not too steady on it’s feet.
Saturday, October 9th, 2004
1:47 pm
Weekly news
Autumn arrived with strong winds and heavy showers nevertheless have managed to do some gardening. We went to Follyfields and bought some pansies and polyanthus, took them home, cleared the border and planted them all in the space of one hour, not bad going for an oldie! We even got rid of all the rubbish as it was bin day.
Mrs Jacks, a visitor from church, who had brought us some “goodies” after the Harvest Festival remarked how nice the garden was looking.
We went to Liverpool on Tuesday Mr D. enjoyed his outing but found it rather tiring.
Received two cards from two of our favourite globetrotters. They both seem to have had a lovely if not exhausting time in Florida. (They have had a busy time since they returned home reading their journals)
Wednesday spent time doing lots of housework, the house looks better for having a little time spent on it.
Thursday we went to the Diabetic Clinic- it was fairly straightforward. Mr D. has to reduce his insulin intake for the time being.
Friday we had the central heating boiling serviced, it had to have one part replaced. It now makes a horrible smell but we were told it will wear off in a couple of days. I went to see Marjorie. She still seems a little shaken after her fall - she has some nasty bruises on her arm and a very sore knee.
In the afternoon we went to Birkenhead Mr.D bought himself a pair of slippers whilst I bought some food and a few things for Christmas for those who live across the sea.
Today Saturday it’s cold but bright and my washing has dried quickly. I have had my hair cut this morning and it looks much neater.
Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
4:28 pm
Welcome home
Had a visit from the hedge-cutting man on Thursday, we thought it might have to be cancelled when it had rained so hard in the morning but he has done a good job and it looks neat and tidy. The best part is that he sweeps up and takes all the cuttings away.
I managed to cut the grass early on Friday morning - before 9.a.m. it was rather damp but it cut quite well. We then went shopping so the cupboard isn’t quite so empty. Then I collected some medicine for Mr. D., we had lunch and relaxed in the afternoon.
The travellers appear to have had a good if not an exhausting time in the U.S.A. Glad to hear that they arrived home safe and sound - pity about their luggage hope it turns up soon.
We went to Birkenhead on Saturday afternoon it was really busy. Mr.D. enjoyed the outing and managed to waste some money(he wouldn’t tell me what he bought). I, too, managed to spend some at Littlewood’s where they were having a bumper sale it‘s a pity it wasn‘t on last week when Vivienne and Matthew were here.
Had a word with Marjorie who said she was missing her visitors very much. I suppose the house must seem so quiet without them. I am going to make some lunch and see if any of the washing is dry.
Monday, September 27th, 2004
6:26 pm
Grey grey grey
Today (Monday) it dawned grey and overcast with a heavy drizzle - to top it all Vivienne and Matthew are leaving . We have really enjoyed their company and catching up with all the news. Can’t believe how grown-up Matthew is and we’re missing them already.
Spent the morning doing a pile of ironing. Have sorted out Mr.D’s long sleeved shirts as the weather is getting cooler and Mr.D. is feeling the cold.
The boring party conferences are filling the air waves - making promises that are seldom if ever kept - and we just end up paying more taxes and freedoms curbed.
Thursday, September 9th, 2004
6:27 pm
Late summer
Thursday- glorious weather continues but only until tomorrow the experts say. Having a rest from gardening today. A man we know came and took away 9sacks of cuttings, 2wooden chairs, and an old T.V, which only worked on it’s side (not comfortable viewing) so we can now see the floor of the garage.
Mr.D. not feeling too well today but hopes to improve when the treatment finishes but it’s going to take time. He is in his second childhood as he bought two small toys, a lion and a kangaroo.
Looking forward to seeing No.1 daughter and No2 grandson next week(I’ve been watching too many films based in China). Hope they wont be too tired when they arrive after their globetrotting.
Sunday, September 5th, 2004
2:55 pm
School's back
Schools started their autumn term on Thursday and yes the weather instantly improved. We’ve had four lovely days and the promise of more to come.
Have spent three afternoons gardening. Have managed to fill five sacks of cuttings just from one small area, I shall still be cutting bushes until Christmas at this rate.
Went to Asda with Sheaj ;always buy more than I intended. At least it didn’t rain on us this time.
We have been watching that appalling siege in Russia. It’s hard to believe it’s actually happening and not just a scene from a “James Bond” movie.
Mr. D. has one of those gadgets recommended by Ringbark but it has a smaller capacity.
Saturday went to the hairdressers and had my hair coloured I’m not sure I really like it but it will wash out in the next few weeks as it is not a permanent colour. In the afternoon we went to Birkenhead it was rather warm but Mr. D. enjoyed the outing and bought himself a digital camera.
Sunday we went for some petrol, have done a pile of washing , cut down some more bushes, made lunch and generally tidied around. I will get the washing in when I have finished this but I think I’ll leave the ironing until tomorrow.
Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
6:28 pm
Back to normal after the Bank Holiday
Bank holiday- more messing about with phones- as a fault was found on one of the handsets so these were exchanged for new phones. At least it keeps Mr. D. occupied and out of my way.
Went to do some gardening in the afternoon but it was so cold and windy that I only stuck at it for half an hour. I cut down a bag full but lots of the smaller bits just blew away.
Hope David received his email we sent using his new address.
Tuesday -a much better day weather-wise (certainly better than in Wellington).Did lots of washing. New phones seem to be working as received several calls today. Mr.D. is feeling better as he was not too well over the weekend.
He found an unusual insect in the bathroom this morning, we looked it up in our numerous nature books but we couldn’t identify it. We will never know what it was as it has gone to that place that all unwanted creatures go.
Sunday, August 29th, 2004
2:57 pm
Another week and yet more rain, was just drenched getting in the washing. It would have made a good photograph rescuing the washing holding an umbrella. Fortunately the grass was cut on Friday. Had a quick trip into Birkenhead after having my hair done but even that wasn’t straight forward as the bus was diverted due to road works around Rock Ferry station.
Quiet days Saturday and Sunday but Mr. D. has driven me crazy messing about with some new telephones he bought, I hope he gets them sorted out soon.
Last day of the Olympics today, G.B. have ended up with a better tally of medals than I thought they would. Don’t know what the B.B.C. will do to fill it’s schedules- more repeats of repeats I suppose.
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
3:09 pm
Passing days
On Friday we went to Birkenhead it teemed down, as we got off the bus a car passed at high speed and absolutely soaked us. We were not too pleased as you can imagine.
Our neighbours have had their gutters replaced - quite a lot of debris landed on our path including a piece of guttering that narrowly missed the car.
Had lunch at the Dibbensdale we walked there and back Mr. D. found it very tiring but it was his idea to walk.
Sunday dawned bright and dry so did some washing, went for petrol and mowed the lawn and trimmed a few shrubs and generally did tidying up. Now watching the Olympics at least we have had something to cheer about, winning six gold medals up till now.
Will have to summon up enough energy nto tackle the ironing.
Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
6:23 pm
update in the rain
Wasted lots of time watching the Olympics, very disappointing as G..B. has only won one medal, still the taking part is what it’s all about isn’t it?
Went to Liverpool today - the Chester train was packed more than usual, it must be something to do with the school holidays. We just got home and the heavens opened. We are luckier than the people in Cornwall where they had a flash flood and vehicles were washed into the sea and houses demolished fortunately nobody appears to have been drowned.
We cut the grass yesterday and Mr D managed to do some hedge trimming even though he was very tired when he had finished.
Received a card from Sheaj, they seem to be having a good time visiting interesting places in Yorkshire.
David’s choice of subjects would have suited Mrs D. thought of him when watching the archery in Athens.
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